THE PHILADELPHIA ASSOCIATION was founded in 1965 by R. D. Laing and colleagues in order to challenge established ways of thinking about and treating mental distress. For more than fifty years we have offered an open-minded alternative approach to psychotherapy that is unique in Britain.


The PA favours a creative approach to therapy that involves being ready to question the social norms

that often contribute to someone's unhappiness.


An engagement with philosophy and other fields, including anthropology, spirituality and the practice

of art, is a fundamental part of our approach. So is a belief in the value of ordinary ways of living and being together.

Community and inclusive conversation have the power to alleviate what disturbs people.

Once conversation begins, paths open up that lead away from isolation and despair towards dignity

and greater freedom.


When things go wrong, talking with a therapist can help. Go to our therapy page

 for further information or click here for a listing of Philadelphia Association therapists.

The PA offers therapy to individuals, couples and groups. 


At this time all therapy consultations are conducted remotely online or by phone.

Details of how to contact the referrals team can be found on our THERAPY page.



Where will you find a place where there is time and space to untangle the complexities and agonies of your life. A place where you can make a home for yourself? 

For over fifty years the PA communities have provided a unique and increasingly rare space from the endless pressures and expectations of modern life. The work continues at two houses in North London.

If you are interested in joining a PA house please contact us and we can tell you more about what the communities offer and explain the application process 

We currently have spaces in both houses.

Find out more on the Community Houses page or email  

The Philadelphia Association Study Programme includes an Introductory Course in Philosophy and Psychotherapy, an Experiential Course and Diploma in Community and Psychotherapy and a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training.

The courses benefit from groups of students from a mix of backgrounds and we are committed to providing inclusive services which embrace diversity and promote equality. 

The Philadelphia Association is committed to keeping its fees as low as possible to allow students surviving on low incomes to train. Students are welcome to participate in the wider PA community and invited to attend events, seminars and discussions.

A limited number of bursaries are available.

All the courses will start remotely this year due to COVID-19 and restrictions,

0207 794 2652 

4 Marty’s Yard, 17 Hampstead High Street, London NW3 1QW

Registered Charity No. 242475