The Introductory Course is both a stand alone certificate course and an introduction to study at the PA. Students who complete the IC can apply to the one year Diploma in Community and Psychotherapy and the Psychotherapy Training. 



The course takes place on Monday evenings at our premises in Hampstead, north London, and consists of a weekly seminar and an experiential group. Each student will be allocated a personal tutorYou will be invited to study past and current psychological theories and treatments of human suffering taught in conjunction with philosophy, in particular phenomenology as well as ideas drawn from art, literature, the politics of psychiatry, power and lived experience. 


The PA has never prized academic qualifications over other skills and experience. Sometimes people who never intended to become psychotherapists find that the Introductory Course inspires them to follow this path after all. 

Being a student at the PA means you will have access to our small library and you will also be invited to attend regular PA events and contribute to the PA newsletter.



Application is by interview. The course costs £840 plus a £50 interview fee. There are a limited number of bursaries available for students surviving on low income.

2021/22 Dates

18 October - 13 December

24 January - 28 March 

9 May - 27 June 


 Introductory Course in Philosophy and Psychotherapy    



Course Coordinators - Lucy King, Andrea Heath 

Experiential Group Facilitator - Daniela Bruni

Administration - Mary Enright, Michele Morgan 

  • Experiential group begins at 6.15pm and lasts ninety minutes

  • 7.45pm break

  • Seminar begins at 8pm and lasts ninety minutes


Term 1 


12 October

5.30pm Welcome

Introduction to the course


12, 19 October

Jake Osborne 

What is Community? 


26 October, 2 November 

Lucy King

The Use and Abuse of Theory


9, 16 November 

Bruce Scott 

Psychotherapy and Religion (Kierkegaard)


23, 30 November

Jeremy Cutler

The Talking Cure: Origins and Claims


7 December 

Andrea Heath 

Portraits - making pictures, letting go of narratives, what is at stake ?  

Term 2 


18 January 2021

5-6pm - Faculty/ Course Coordinators Meeting with Students

18, 25 January

Emma Stroker 

Psychology (science) and Psychotherapy (art).


1, 8 February 

Eli Jesner 

From Darwin to Freud: On the Origins of the Treatment


15, 22 February 

Onel Brooks

Nietzsche and psychotherapy


1, 8 March 

Andreas Constandinos  

Therapeutic communities, psychosis and homelessness 

15 March

Laura Neall, Tristan Voice 

Judgments and experience in psychiatric services


Term 3


3, 10 May

Kevin Ball 

The legacy of Laing  


17 May 

Luke Reynolds

Heidegger- How art reveals the world to us.


24, 31 May

Robbie Lockwood

On Reading, Resounding and Responding: psychotherapy as a love-as-discourse 


7, 14 June

Barbara Latham 

Why Philosophy ?


21, 28 June 

Miles Clapham 

Merleau-Ponty and the Intertwining. 


28 June  5.30pm

End of course meeting

Daniela Bruni, Lucy King, Andrea Heath