Mark Elmer (Chair)
Steven Bluestone

Caroline Cole
Morag Cleland

Lois Colling

Nick Mercer

Joachim Richter

Ian McMillan (Co - Chair)
Andreas Constandinos (Co - Chair)

Emma Stroker (Honorary Secretary)

Amanda Ferozha (Therapies Service)

Jake Osborne (Training)

Harjeet Sorya


Jake Osborne (Chair)

Kevin Ball
Miles Clapham

Alison Davies

Jeremy Cutler



Mary Enright

 Michele Morgan


PA Members awarded Honorary Membership for their long Service to the Philadelphia Association 

John Heaton, Leon Redler, Lucy King 



The Philadelphia Association’s policy is to ensure equal opportunities throughout its work. Our thought and practice should demonstrate a respect for, and offer a welcome to, all people, regardless of racial or ethnic background, gender, sexuality or physical disability.


The Philadelphia Association is a member of the Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Section of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

In accordance with UKCP guidelines, the Association has a policy of professional practice, as outlined in the UKCP Code of Ethics and Practice, by which all the Association's therapists and trainees are expected to abide. This is available to members of the public.


All practitioners of the Philadelphia Association shall as far as is reasonable uphold the welfare of their patients as paramount. The confidentiality of the patient shall be safeguarded as far as is consistent with the law and with the safety of the patient and others.

Practitioners should bear in mind that psychotherapy involves a relationship between practitioners and patient that is inevitably unequal. The practitioners should always keep in mind the vulnerability of the patient and ensure that they do not exploit the relationship for their own advantage.

Practitioners of the Philadelphia Association shall at all times treat colleagues with due respect