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The members of the Philadelphia Association were thanked for their hospitality and openness and congratulated on continuing to provide a stimulating training of a very high standard that continued to attract committed trainees of a very high calibre attracted to the psychoanalytic project of the Association. The Association continues to be a valued Organisational Member of the CPJA [Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis], distinctive in their approach and thinking, and important in their critique of dominant therapeutic cultures.



Wisdom is sold in the desolate market where none come to buy
William Blake



Iain Strong and Daniel Bristow are putting together a reading group to which they would like to invite students from the Introductory, Online, and Diploma courses who would be interested in joining. Iain is a former PA student and assistant on the Diploma and Experiential courses, and Dan is a PA member and practising psychotherapist; together they share a strong interest in psychoanalytic theory and philosophy, and their connection to politics. With this in mind, we would like to invite students from these courses to our inaugural reading group.

Our meetings will take place online, via Zoom, on alternate Fridays commencing 3rd November 2023., 19:00-20:30

To begin with, we will divide our attention between theoretical texts—specifically, The Dialectics of Liberation (Verso, 2015)—on a chapter-by-chapter basis, and short fiction, drawn from a variety of eras, cultures, and languages (i.e. translated into English, if not originally in English). All texts will be circulated well in advance of meetings, in PDF format, so there is no need to worry about buying any materials.

By way of introduction, we would be grateful if those attending for the first time could read the following:

1. Vivian Gornick - 'The Reading Group'

2. David's Cooper's introduction to The Dialectics of Liberation

3. James Joyce - ‘Eveline’

We would be delighted if you could join us at this reading group, which we aim to be a space of fruitful informal and inclusive discussion.

With all best wishes,

Iain and Dan


In addition to the regular meetings of each individual course, students from all the courses will be invited to attend a series of Saturday morning online seminars and a reading group. 

Autumn Term Saturday Seminars

25 November & 2 December 2023


Over two sessions

10am - 11.30am


Meaning-Fullness, Developmental Psychotherapy and the Pursuit of Mental Health

is the title of Dr Resnick’s major work published this year by Phoenix Publishing House (Oxford). There was an epidemic of mental unwellness before the pandemic, now it is exponentially worse. Yet, there have never been more mental health professionals. This contradiction is the starting point of the book and of the webinars.


Why are current mainstream mental health practices falling short? And how can psychotherapy be done more effectively?

What happens when we move away from the DSM and the medical model of diagnosis and treatment and work in therapy with meaning as the focal point? And how can existential and phenomenological philosophies combine with psychoanalysis to treat mental unwellness and support personal development? How does Winnicott’s theory of creativity contribute to psychotherapy practice?

While no one has all the answers to these complex and challenging questions, Jan will employ a variety of rich case examples in unpretentious and jargon-free language to address and consider these questions.

Jan Resnick has practiced as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist for over 45 years. He trained inLondon at the Philadelphia Association and the Guild of Psychotherapists where he was supervised by R. D. Laing, John Heaton, and Christopher Bollas. He moved from Europe to Australia in 1990 where he founded The Churchill Clinic that ran accredited professional trainings in Analytic Psychotherapy & Counselling. The founding president of the Psychotherapists & Counsellor Association of Western Australia, Jan received an Outstanding Achievement award for his contribution to the profession. He was an Editorial Advisory Board member of the national journal Psychotherapy in Australia, where he penned a regular column for over twenty years. An original Advisory Board member of Blue Knot Foundation (formerly Adults Surviving Child Abuse), Jan is also an accredited supervisor for the Royal Australian/New Zealand College of Psychiatrists in psychotherapy and supervises Developmental Paediatricians at the State Child Development Centre (West Perth).

Over his career, he founded and presided over four separate mental health charities, one in Oxford, one in London and two in Perth. He has over 100 publishing credits including his first published book, How Two Love: Making Your Relationship Work and Last, based on his clinical work in therapy with couples

Spring Term Saturday online Seminars


January 27 2024

10 - 11.30am (Uk time)

PA Communities- What are we doing there ? 

Amy Ison, Kay Holmes, Nina Shores

February 3 & 10 2024

11am-12.30 (UK time)

Kingsley Hall Journals

Paul Zeal

May 18 2024

The Power of Relations 

Alia Butt 

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